TV Drama ‘Over There’ Features Embedded Journalist Kidnapped in Iraq

By: Andrew Mitchell

Wednesday night’s episode of “Over There,” FX’s controversial TV series about U.S. soldiers in Iraq, added the kidnapping of an embedded journalist to its list of hot topics covered in it’s first season.

The Steven Bochco-produced show, which debuted in July, has covered other ripped-from-the-headlines subjects as rough interrogation methods used by U.S. forces and accidental shootings of civilians at Allied checkpoints.

In last night’s episode, the fifth in the series, an embedded broadcast reporter catches on film what at first appears to be the squad’s machine gunner shooting an Iraqi woman and child during a fierce firefight. The journalist uploads the footage, and it is aired, but it later develops that the Iraqi militants were attempting to frame the soldiers by deliberately having a woman and child thrown into the crossfire of battle.

When the journalist attempts to do some investigating into the matter he is kidnapped.

The news network is a fictional channel called United Kingdom News. We also see insurgents with cameras waiting to film the incident.

On Wednesday, The New York Times published a lengthy story on Iraq war veterans’ response to the series.

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