Tweet Nothings: Top Twitterers Cover Trump/Carrie News Conference

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By: Greg Mitchell

Following the big pres conference today, and Donald Trump’s backing of “Sister” Carrie Prejean as Miss Californiabeauty pageant queen, despite semi-nude shots and political controversy, was no doubt more fun via Twitter than on TV. Here is a selection of favorite tweetsfrom well-known twitterers as it was going down.

–Garry Trudeau @Roland_Hedley:

Minutes away: Trump to rule on moral fitness of semi-nude ditz to stay in cheesy contest. Could cut suspense w. chainsaw.

At issue: Moral difference between semi-nude posing for sleazy photographer and semi-nude posing for tacky judges.

–David Shuster @shuster1600:

Everybody involved in this story – from Prejean to Terrell to pageant officials to Trump, – everybody involved makes me want to vomit.


He’s “reviewed the pictures very carefully”! Done his homework!

Pictures are “fine”! (On account of this being the 21st century.) YAAAAAAAAAY!

“Carrie will remain Miss California!” A great, great, awesome, humungous, wise, awesome determination!

—Ana Marie Cox @anamariecox

The Donald on Carrie keeping crown: “When the paparazzi claps, you know it’s popular decision.” Yes, among WRONG PEOPLE.


Uh-oh. Asking Carrie to say a “few words”.

Thanks us for thousands of letters of support, although too many to count.

–Ana Marie Cox @anamariecox

Carrie: “Take this story of mine and apply it to your own lives.” Does this mean I need bigger boobs?


OMG, photos #3, #4, #7 were Photoshopped! So wrong about this conference not making news. Apologies.

–Markos Moulitsas @markosm

Prejean needs to hook up with Joe the Plumber. That would be AWESOME.


Q&A!!!!! Now THIS is a presser! Hope Gibbs is watching.

–Rachel Sklar @ rachelsklar

Can’t believe how good Carrie Prejean has gotten at this game. One one hand she’s on the Lord’s mission; on the other, she’s just a model.


Carrie explaining. “Photographer got some sort of shot of me while I was exposed. Windy.”

David Shuster@shuster1600

Prejean, who got cosmetic surgery before the pageant, just spoke of “how women can make a difference in the world.” Absolutely revolting.


Trump: “If Carrie were an average man, this would not be an issue.” Really good point.


Please. If you only do one thing today, print out a transcript. Set it aside. Save it for your heirs. This is a keeper.

–Howard Kurtz @HowardKurtz

Carrie Prejean handled herself well at presser, is now far more famous than whoever won the Miss USA crown. Trump defended Perez Hilton, tho.
Greg Mitchell is editor of Editor & Publisher and tweets @GregMitch. His latest book is “Why Obama Won.”

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