Two Cameramen Killed in Baghdad


(AP) Two journalists have died after U.S. forces opened fire on the Palestine Hotel in central Baghdad.

U.S. officials say they were responding to gunfire coming from the area of the hotel. But they’ve now agreed not to fire on the building, where a number of international journalists are staying while they cover the war.

In addition to the men who died, at least three other journalists were hurt.

The victims are identified as Taras Protsyuk, a television cameraman for the Reuters news agency, and Jose Couso of a Spanish TV station.

Journalists in the building say they saw a tank aim up at the building just before it was hit.

Abu Dhabi television is showing damage next to a high balcony, apparently caused by a tank shell or rocket.

Some soldiers say tanks were taking mortar and grenade fire from in front of the hotel, and that they saw binoculars trained on them from an upper floor. They say they suspected there was a “spotter” post there, so they fired.

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