Two To Be Arraigned Today in Chauncey Bailey Murder Case

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A former community-group leader accused of ordering the murder of three men, including a newspaper editor, was scheduled to be arraigned Friday.

It’ll be the third time Yusuf Bey IV will stand in front of a judge for the murder of Chauncey Bailey and two other men in 2007.

Bailey was an editor for the Oakland Post and working on a story about the finances of Bey’s Your Black Muslim Bakery when he was gunned down on his way to work.

A bakery associate, Antoine Mackey, was also scheduled to be arraigned Friday for allegedly driving the getaway car in the Bailey killing and being the shooter in another killing.

Bey and Mackey’s arraignments have been delayed previously because they didn’t have lawyers for their first court appearance and during the second, Bey’s lawyers told the judge they needed more time to prepare and Mackey’s lawyer said he may not represent him.

Your Black Muslim Bakery, founded almost 40 years ago by Bey’s father, Yusuf Bey, became an institution in Oakland’s black community, running bakeries, a security service, a school and other businesses. But the group became marred by connections to criminal activity.

Earlier this month, former bakery handyman Devaughndre Broussard, 21, pleaded guilty to two lesser counts of voluntary manslaughter for shooting Bailey and another man. In exchange, Broussard agreed to testify against Bey and Mackey.

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