U.K.’s ‘Independent’ Goes All Tab on Saturdays

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By: E&P Staff

The Independent of London, which, along with The Times, has been simultaneously printing broadsheet and tabloid editions since late last year, will do away with the larger format on Saturdays.

The Independent has been publishing its tabloid Mondays through Fridays alongside the broadsheet version. The latest move, which begins Jan. 31, is interesting because it shows that Independent executives don’t feel the tabloid size format is just for weekday commuters, according to a report on Mediaguardian.co.uk.

The Independent and The Times have become an intruiging microcosm in the worldwide debate over newspaper size formats. And the latest development has led to speculation that the Independent is considering completely dropping the broadsheet format in favor of the tabloid, which some consumers consider more convenient.

“It is clear from our research, and from reader feedback, that the compact edition has a value and desirability far beyond the commuter population,” Independent chief executive Ivan Fallon told Mediaguardian.

The Independent’s tabloid version was launched Sept. 30. Last month it sold an average of 58,000 copies each weekday. The Times’ tabloid, which made its debut in November, sold 58,000 daily in December.

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