Uncle Duke Videos on Doonesbury.com and YouTube

By: E&P Staff

“Doonesbury” fans can now watch videos of Garry Trudeau’s Uncle Duke character campaigning for office.

Universal Press Syndicate announced that uclick, its sister division at Andrews McMeel Universal, has begun uploading short animations from the “Duke 2000 — Whatever it Takes” campaign. Six videos will be uploaded twice a month through 2008 to Doonesbury.com and YouTube.com.

In the March 4 “Doonesbury,” Duke hinted that his campaign videos would appear on the Web. Duke was shown sitting in front of a computer rapidly uploading his campaign videos to YouTube while smoking a cigarette. “This is incredible — one click to immortality! What a great tool!,” he says. Duke?s son walks into the room and shouts: “Dad, you can?t put that up! Are you crazy? How many people have seen this?” Duke replies: “Only a couple million — I just posted it.”

The Duke character, as many “Doonesbury” fans know, is inspired by late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

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