Unicorn OnceLIVE Allows Publishers and Broadcasters To Monetize Live Video Content on Mobile and OTT Devices

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By: Press Release | Unicorn Media

TEMPE, AZ – October 2, 2012 – Unicorn Media today announced the commercial availability of Unicorn OnceLIVE, a patented, server-side technology that enables publishers and broadcasters to deliver and monetize live content to any IP-enabled device. OnceLIVE provides live content publishers with the ability to strip broadcast ads in real time and dynamically replace them with targeted ads on a per-user basis.  

Unicorn Media, the market leader in mobile monetization, allows the world’s largest publishers to dynamically serve video ads to IP-enabled devices. The company’s flagship service, OnceVOD, has revolutionized mobile monetization by delivering, from the cloud, video ads to any IP-enabled device on a single URL. OnceLIVE delivers similar monetization capabilities, but in a live video streaming environment. The service allows for the ability to deliver targeted ads, inserted anywhere in the stream, from the cloud, with no SDK or plug-in required. A sample of the devices that can be targeted includes iPhones, iPads, Androids, Blackberry devices, Roku, Boxee, TiVO, game consoles and Smart TVs.  

OnceVOD and OnceLIVE easily integrate with all 3rd-party ad networks and in-house solutions without requiring complex APIs or any client-side code. Both products provide real-time analytics on video and ad performance as well as business intelligence that enables agile ad operations and supports mid-roll ad insertion in long-form content, making it possible for ad operations to deliver custom ads to users based on current inventory on any device.  

“OnceLIVE is a game-changer for publishers and broadcasters, allowing them to capitalize on revenue opportunities with live content by enabling them to strip broadcast ads in real time and dynamically replace them with targeted ads on a per-user basis,” said Bill Rinehart, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Unicorn Media. “With our patented technology, content owners can quickly and easily monetize live content for any screen.”  

The ability to stream live video to smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, game consoles and other devices gives publishers and broadcasters new ways to reach potential viewers, which should in turn generate additional ad revenue. OnceLIVE resolves live content formatting issues and difficulties with ad insertion on multiple operating systems, removing obstacles for publishers and broadcasters looking to take advantage of these new opportunities.  

Unicorn Media currently works with a variety of major global broadcasters and publishers to optimize their live content workflow and support monetization across all devices. Learn more at www.unicornmedia.com.    

About Unicorn Media, Inc.
Unicorn Media, Inc. is the leading provider of Internet video solutions that enable companies to maximize IP video profitability for live and VOD content. Our patented technology, Unicorn OnceVOD, allows customers to ingest video content one time and deliver it to every Internet-connected device via a single URL. OnceVOD and OnceLIVE allow content owners to monetize their content on any device by dynamically inserting targeted ads and analyzing content and ad performance in real-time on every platform, allowing for on-the-fly changes to maximize profitability.

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