Unions Wage Turf Battle For Millennial Newsrooms, But What Will A New Labor Look Like?

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For all the think pieces written about disruption in new media, not one “thought leader” predicted the sudden and swift unionization of digital newsrooms that has taken hold this year.


What began as a transparent but precarious experiment at Gawker Media turned into a success that soon led to union drives at Salon, the Guardian U.S., Al Jazeera America, the nonprofit ThinkProgress and the extremely for-profit Vice Media.


The momentum rolls on: Last week, International Business Times reported that the mammoth Huffington Post, perhaps the best-known digital-only media outlet, was the latest shop to stage a union drive, which employees confirmed in a statement Wednesday. The future seems bright for those hoping for a dose of solidarity in new media, or, at least, brighter than it was before.

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