United Launches ‘Sudoku’ and ‘Kakuro’ Puzzles

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By: E&P Staff

United Media has become the latest syndicate to offer “Sudoku” number puzzles. It’s also distributing a feature similar to “Sudoku” called “Kakuro.”

This past Monday, United launched three- and four-column “Sudoku” puzzles for daily newspapers. On Jan. 15, it will introduce a pair of color “Sudoku” puzzles for Sunday papers. One of the Sunday offerings, called “Triples,” consists of three separate “Sudoku” puzzles arranged in a cube display. The other, “High Fives,” consists of five 9×9 grids, four of which overlap with the one in the center.

“Kakuro,” constructed by David J. Bodycombe, resembles a “Sudoku” puzzle but also includes an element of addition. United launched a Sunday version of “Kakuro” Jan. 1, and a daily version the next day.

The first person to offer U.S. newspapers “Sudoku” puzzles was the self-syndicated Wayne Gould. He was followed in 2005 by Universal Press Syndicate, Tribune Media Services, and King Features Syndicate.

As many Americans now know, “Sudoku” is a crossword-like puzzle that uses numbers instead of words. It features 81 squares, divided into boxes of nine squares apiece. Some squares contain numbers, and the goal is to fill the empty squares so that every row, every column, and every box contains the digits 1 through 9.

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