Universal to Syndicate ‘Sudoku’ Puzzles

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By: E&P Staff

Universal Press Syndicate has acquired the print and online rights to sell the popular “Sudoku” number puzzle in North America and Latin America.

It will offer six versions of the puzzle created and produced by David Bodycombe in the United Kingdom. They include “Sudoku Classic” puzzles in color and black and white, “Sudoku for Kids,” “Sudoku Mini Puzzle,” “Sudoku Monster,” and “Sodoku Word.”

The puzzle originated in Japan and then “swept over England — first appearing in The Times of London. And it now has become popular in The New York Post,” said Kerry Slagle, president of Atlantic Syndication, Universal’s international division.

“Sudoku” is a crossword puzzle that uses numbers instead of words. It features a grid of 81 squares, some of which contain a digit. The goal is to fill the empty squares so that the numbers 1 through 9 appear only once in every row, column, and individual block.

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