Unusual Poll Finds Gun Owners and Bowlers Back Hillary, But Barack Does Okay With Beer Drinkers

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By: Joe Strupp

Apparently, the presidential race — at least in Pennsylvania — is no longer just about who leads among men, women, church-goers or union members.

In a poll released this past weekend by McClatchy Newspapers, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and MSNBC, gun owners, bowlers and even beer drinkers are playing a part. The Mason-Dixon poll, which questioned 625 “likely Pennsylvania voters” on April 17-18, found Hillary Clinton favored by more hunters, bowlers and gun-owners than Barack Obama.

“The one group where she does not have a solid lead is among beer drinkers; they split evenly between her and Obama,” a McClatchy story on the poll stated. “Overall, Clinton leads Obama by a margin of 48-43 percent, with 8 percent still undecided.”

The story gives some hint as to why the poll used such unusual voter demographics, stating: “They’ve?offered dueling photo opportunities, with Obama bowling on camera, and Clinton downing a shot of whiskey and a beer. Many voters dismissed such efforts as silly or superficial ? or said they had the opposite effect than the campaigns intended….

“Indeed, Clinton seems to have won the better part of the culture clash, leading among hunters by a margin of 56-31 percent, among bowlers by 54-33 percent, and among gun owners by 53-28 percent,” the story added. “Her shot and a beer gambit apparently didn’t pay off, however; self-identified beer drinkers split 44-44 percent between the two?one reason could be that beer drinkers include more African-Americans ? Obama supporters ? than the bowlers, gun owners or hunters.”

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