UPDATED: A ‘Candorville’ Comic Is Changed for ‘The Washington Post’

By: Dave Astor

The Washington Post, which has previously pulled some “Candorville” strips by liberal cartoonist Darrin Bell, ran an alternate version of Bell’s July 25 comic.

In his WashingtonPost.com chat yesterday, Gene Weingarten said he thought the newspaper had changed last Friday’s strip. But the situation was more complicated than that, according to Washington Post Writers Group (WPWG) Comics Editor Amy Lago.

Lago told E&P: “In Gene’s chat yesterday, he made it sound like the Post had changed the July 25 ‘Candorville’ strip. In fact, they asked for a sub. We offered them an alternate version, approved by Darrin, which they okayed.

“So they did ‘edit’ the strip in that they chose not to run the original version. But they did not create the alternate version. I’ve alerted Gene, and he’s going to issue a clarification in his chat update tomorrow.”

Weingarten is the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winner for feature writing who also writes a Washington Post humor column syndicated by WPWG — which distributes “Candorville,” too.

The original version of Bell’s July 25 comic can be seen here.

According to Weingarten: “In the version as drawn, and as appears online, the last panel contains comics-curse symbols to mean, obviously, ‘nuts.’ In the Post, they reworded it to say ‘ears.'”

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