UPDATED: Latest ‘Opus’ Comic Pulled by ‘Washington Post’

By: Dave Astor

This past Sunday’s “Opus” comic was dropped by The Washington Post.

That’s according to Gene Weingarten, speaking in his latest WashingtonPost.com chat. Weingarten is the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winner for feature writing who also does a column syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group, which distributes “Opus.”

Berkeley Breathed’s July 6 strip had oil industry and environmental themes — and included several characters mooning pictures of an Arab oil sheik, an Exxon executive, and Dick Cheney.

The cartoon can be seen by clicking through a mention of Weingarten’s chat in Mike Rhode’s ComicsDC blog.

“Bad decision. Nothing wrong with that comic,” Weingarten said of the “Opus” pulling.

But the Post felt differently. “The editors decided that last Sunday’s strip was ethnically offensive, overly partisan, and mean-spirited,” said AME/News Planning and Administration Shirley Carswell in response to an E&P query.

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