‘USA Today’ Announces Top 25 Headlines That Shaped History

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By: E&P Staff

USA Today turns 25 years old on September 15th, 2007, and in an effort to mark the occaision the paper will look back at the Top 25 Headlines That Shaped (Recent) History.

The number one choice is the fall of communism. These stories are the ones that generated the largest headlines, the greatest interest change, the most vivid memories and the most immediate impact. The full list is found in today’s editions of USA Today.

The Top 10 include:

1. Fall of communism (1989)

2. 9/11 terrorist attacks (2001)

3. Iraq war (2003-)

4. Hurricane Katrina (2005)

5. O.J. Simpson (1994-95)

6. 2000 presidential election

7. Clinton impeachment (1998-99).

8. Invasion of Afghanistan (2001)

9. Oklahoma City bombing (1995)

10. Chernobyl disaster (1986)

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