Valassis Installs Nela Plate Distribution

By: E&P Staff

Valassis’s Anderson Printing Division, Livonia, Mich., completed installation of a plate-distribution unit and punch-bender made by Nela, Oakdale, Minn. Valassis is using the new inline punch-bending, storage and retrieval system to prepare multiple plate sizes used for printing newspaper inserts, among other products.

Nela’s Plate distribution unit and RAO-M three-point punch-bender transport plates from the processor to the bender for one-step punching and bending, and then on to the three-bay plate-distribution unit.

The automatic plate-handling machine loads plates into carts that are docked at the unit. As carts are filled, they undock and roll away for storage, or are taken to the press for plate mounting. Using a touch-screen interface, users program the plate distribution pattern.

Valassis expanded its operations dramatically last year when it acquired direct mail marketer Advo, which has resulted in the need to “quickly store and retrieve plates with minimal operator interference,” according to the company.

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