Vegas Cartoonist Predicts Presidential Result

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By: Dave Astor

It looks like Las Vegas Sun editorial cartoonist Mike Smith made the most accurate prediction in this week’s E&P presidential poll, guessing that George W. Bush would receive 51% of the vote and John Kerry 48%.

“Bush’s win means four more years of a target-rich environment for the nation’s editorial cartoonists,” said Smith, when asked this morning to comment on his survey success.

Smith’s editorial cartoons are syndicated by King Features, which also distributes his “Stockcar Toons” comic.

Several dozen cartoonists and columnists were surveyed for the poll. The predictions appeared in an E&P story that was posted on Monday.

Coming in a close second was editorial cartoonist Steve Kelley of The Times-Picayune in New Orleans and Creators Syndicate. He predicted 50.8% for Bush and 47.9% for Kerry.

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