‘ Virginian-Pilot’ Ad Names Local ‘Deadbeat Parents’

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(AP) A full-page ad in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper was the Virginia Department of Social Services’ newest attempt to track down deadbeat parents.

Officials say they plan on taking out another ad in the weeks to come.

The ad displays pictures of dozens of fathers and mothers who owe child support. Each parent featured in the ad failed to show up in court, and warrants have been issued for their arrests.

Nathaniel Young is the director of child support enforcement for
the department. He says that the list of 77 names represents about 116 children that they “brought into the world and aren’t taking care of.”

The cases in Tuesday’s advertisement represent more than a million and a half dollars in unpaid child support.

The department previously tried to find the parents through bank accounts, tax records, and power bills.

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