Vjoon Rents K4 Systems Outside the Americas

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By: E&P Staff

Though its program is not now available in the Americas, vjoon (formerly SoftCare) will now rent its K4 publishing system to new and existing customers, for local or third-party hosting.

Publishers can rent as many K4 workstations, K4 Web Editor licenses and other system components, such as K4 Overview or K4 XML Exporter, as their projects, order position, and workload demand.

New customers can test the system, and existing customers can add additional K4 seats to their system as needed. K4 runs locally or remotely as a solution hosted by one of vjoon’s integration partners. Costs for Adobe InDesign CS4 Server and the database are included in the rental fee, enabling InDesign and InCopy users to test the system under production conditions.

Including InDesign Server, K4 rental customers get the entire K4 portfolio, making full use of Web-based K4 applications such as K4 Web Editor and the production-monitoring K4 Overview tool.

K4 rental allows customers to make full use of the MadeToPrint Server automation tool, released last month, without having to buy a second InDesign Server. It may be deployed locally or hosted on an integration partner’s hardware.

For those who rent first and later opt to buy, vjoon credits most of the rental fee toward the purchase. Legacy customers may temporarily rent as many extra K4 workstations as they wish.

A test package is available starting at 990 euros per month and comprising a database, seven K4 workstations, including K4 Web Editor licenses, and the Adobe InDesign CS4 Limited Server. All other components, such as K4 Overview, K4 Web Importer and K4 XML Exporter, also may be rented. Minimum rental period is six months, after which the term may be extended quarterly.

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