‘Wall St. Journal,’ ‘Barron’s’ Advertising Down in August

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By: E&P Staff

The Wall Street Journal?s advertising woes continued in August, with total linage down 1.9% compared with the same month in 2004. Once again, the decline was led by a plunge in the financial advertising category, which was down 20.2%, parent Dow Jones & Company said.

Year-to-date linage at the Journal was down 5.9%.

August was even worse for the weekly Barron?s, with total national advertising pages decreasing 30.8% in the month. Dow Jones noted declines in financial, general, and technology advertising.

Ottaway Newspapers, Dow?s unit of smaller dailies, also hit a funk in August, with total linage down 3.2% because of decreases in auto and other clasffied advertising, as well as retail and non-daily advertising. Dow Jones said the declines were partially offset by gains in real estate classified and national advertising.

Dow Jones? only bright spot was The Wall Street Europe, where linage increased 8.2% in August because of increases in classified and general advertising that were partially offset by a decline in technology advertising.

The Asian Wall Street Journal’s linage decreased 2.2%, primarily due to a decline in technology advertising, which was partially offset by gains in general and classified advertising.

At its flagship U.S. Journal, Dow Jones said linage in the general advertising category decreased 8.9% due to declines in pharmaceutical, travel, auto, insurance, and luxury goods advertising that were partially offset by increases in industrial equipment and professional services advertising.

Technology advertising linage declined 7.1% because of declines in consumer electronics and hardware advertising that were partially offset by gains in personal computers and office products advertising. The classified and ?other? categaroy was up 18.3%, principally on strength in real estate advertising.

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