WAN-IFRA: Strategy to Reach the 10% of Readers Willing to Pay for Online

By: E&P Staff

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA).
has published “New Revenue Models for Newspaper Companies,” a report that examines new business opportunities and new sources of income at a time when increasing digital media revenues fail to replace declining print advertising and circulation revenues.

The report, the latest from WAN-IFRA?s Shaping the Future of the Newspaper project, examines the viability of paid-for online content and such other sources as endowments, memberships and syndication, foundation grants, government subsidies and tax breaks, mobile subscriptions, not-for-profit arrangements and hyperlocal websites.

The heart of the issue remains the paid-versus free debate, according to the international new organization. Though the report documents a general unwillingness to pay for content, it also shows that about 10% of loyal readers will to do so. The report addresses an appropriate payment plan for these loyal readers, and a need to create more newsroom opportunities to provide the quality content they expect.

The report explores several paid content models, including micropayments, examines strategies newspapers that are developing them, and cites researchers, entrepreneurs, academics and critics who evaluate paid content’s potential, and are helping develop new business models.

While New Revenue Models for Newspaper Companies is available only to WAN-IFRA members (see membership@wan-ifra.org), an executive summary and a chapter on the paid-free debate are free to anyone at www.wan-press.org/article18438.html.

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