‘Wash Post’ AME’s Letter to ‘E&P’ on Solomon’s McCain Article

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By: E&P Staff

The following e-mail was sent to E&P today by Bill Hamilton, assistant managing editor for politics. It regards an E&P article posted online this past Sunday, concerning Sen. John McCain’s angry response to a front-page article in the Post that day by John Solomon.

We print this letter here, while also considering a correction or clarification to run with the original story. The Post has run its own correction.


I’m the assistant managing editor for politics at The Post and I’m asking
you to correct the story that you posted yesterday on John Solomon. In it, you repeated an inaccurate characterization of the story made by Sen. John McCain: “McCain lashed back today at the Post after Solomon wrote that the Arizonan, who has campaigned against the use of ‘soft money,’ is using those types of funds in his GOP presidential nomination.”

Nowhere in the story does it say McCain is using those type of funds. The story is about former donors of soft money who are now involved in his
campaign. McCain must not have read the story. For that matter, neither did your reporter. But some of the confusion about the story may have resulted from a bad headline that was on it: “McCain Taps Cash He Sought to Limit.”

Today we ran this correction: “The headline on a Feb. 11 article about Sen. John McCain?s fundraising, ‘McCain Taps Cash He Sought to Limit,’ was misleading. As was clear in the story, McCain is seeking contributions for his presidential campaign from donors who once contributed ‘soft’ money or who contributed to nonprofit political groups known as 527s, not from the groups themselves.”

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