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By: Jim Rosenberg

Network Pressroom Cleaners in Princeton, Texas, offers a non-flammable, water-based detergent-type blanket cleaner that is “safe on all surfaces of the press,” including rollers, Technical Advisor Scott Morin said at the recent Nexpo trade show in Washington, D.C. The safety extends to its use and disposal, he added.

The environmentally friendly product containing no volatile organic compounds cleans standard news inks as well as UV-curable inks, “which is extremely rare,” Morin remarked. “You can also use it for floor and wall cleaning.”

The product can be used sprayed and wiped, and used in parts washers, mop buckets and automatic floor scrubbers.

Though not yet in use at a customer site, ultrafiltration can separate the cleaner and residue, with the latter added back to the black ink, according to the company. Morin said such reclamation saves times and money without the need for shop rags and arrangements to ship waste for disposal or recycling.

Introduced last year, the blanket wash has been used at The Dallas Morning News and, for about six months, at the Los Angeles Times’ Orange County plant.

“We’re also a cleaning company,” said President Gregg Silvers. “We use it ourselves at the Dallas Morning News, the Los Angeles Times, and the Orlando Sentinel.” The Times, he noted, uses the cleaner itself and the services of the company.

For blankets, Network Pressroom Cleaners’ system includes a tool resembling the working end of a carpet cleaner, which Silver said also works on walls and other broad surfaces, applying the cleaner and vacuuming up the soiled residue. A slimmer tool with a smaller nozzle is designed for cleaning page packs.

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