Washington Post, Breaking News, Is Also Breaking New Ground

Since The Washington Post’s Watergate-era glory days, my need to read that paper has waxed and waned. I already pay for and scour The New York Times (of course), The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker, which is a lot to manage before I even get to the books on my night stand and Kindle. So I haven’t been looking for more to read, let alone another monthly expense.

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One thought on “Washington Post, Breaking News, Is Also Breaking New Ground

  • May 19, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    absolutely, yes, you’re right, washpost is an innovator in abusing blatant conflict of interest and insisting that what it’s doing is journalism … it’s the good old follow-the-money story … who owns the rag? and ho feels threatened by president trump’s musings about the need to clip the wings of some outrageous monopolies? one of the three corporations mentioned happened to be amazon …
    indeed, you are speaking wistfully of the watergate days … that’s when shameless use of unsourced material became the norm …
    and a minor aside: no, washposrt was NOT the parent of investigative reporting … not even one of the parents … it may strike you as odd, but ALL reporting, in order to be at least worthy of its name, must be investigative … in this context: ever heard the name egon erwin kisch? you can trace the roots of modern investigative reporting to him … if you went further, how does the name dante alighieri strike you?


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