Washington Post Close On New Hyperlocal Sites

By: E&P Staff

Erik Wemple | TBD

There’s a new survey out from the Washington Post, and it fills out a pretty detailed picture of what the region’s largest news provider has in mind for the Internet. One of the questions:

“Please rate your level of interest in accessing a community-news oriented website from your mobile device.”

Another question: “How interested are you in reading articles and getting information on the following local community topics?” (More than a dozen topics pop up in the field, including job listings, local politicians, local artists, etc.)

The questions in the survey bring to mind a similar effort from January, when the Post sent out a survey about readers’ business-news appetite. That survey included a prototype of what would quickly turn into the weekly publication
Capital Business. Just as that survey hinted at what was in the offing, so does this community-news version.

Judging from the questions, these new hyperlocal sites would:

*Feature voices from the community;

*Include reporting from Washington Post reporters;

*Go hard on mobile;

*Offer all kinds of functionality enabling people to network with each other, post all kinds of photos, and so on.

According to a Post source, this new crop of sites would be even more hyperlocal than the Patch sites that are now spreading around the region. The mission of the Patch sites is to dig deep on municipal news, including school board meetings, high school sports, trash collection, and the like.

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