?Washington Post? Front-Page Ad: A First, for Now

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By: E&P Staff

On Sept. 5, The Washington Post ran a Capital One-sponsored advertisement wrapped around the Sunday edition — the first time the paper had done so. This Sunday will see another first for the Post: an actual front-page ad.

But don’t get used to seeing advertisements on Page One, the paper says — at least for now.

A strip ad about two inches tall for Capital One Bank will run at the bottom of Page One, the first in a campaign educating the public on the conversion of Chevy Chase Bank to Capital One. Capital One acquired Chevy Chase Bank last year, and the full re-branding was executed beginning Sept. 10.

“It’s a very local, useful-information-for-our-readers type of campaign,” Wendy Evans, vice president of advertising for Washington Post Media, told E&P. “It did seem like a great fit when they approached us, and a good for their message. It’s such a major change for them that they’re using our newspaper and some of our other products to reach out to Washington consumers and educate them about the brand change.”

As this marks this first time the Post has run an ad on Page One, senior business and news executives discussed it and determined the informative aspect of the advertisement aided in the decision to have it run.

“We do that with many of our advertisements that are new,” Evans said of those discussions between the news and business sides.

Does such an ad open the door to more advertisements on Page One?  “It’s a little early to say,” says Evans. “I know other newspapers do this pretty regularly, so it will be interesting to see” if other advertisers approach the paper with ad campaigns that make sense for both parties.

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