‘Washington Post’ Launches New Government-Focused Web Pages

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By: Joe Strupp

The Washington Post is meeting the incoming Obama Administration with a pair of new Web offerings.

The first, “The Fed Page: Inside the Government Workforce,” is described as a “new page [that] will provide vital information on federal news and insights into officials up for key posts in the new administration.”

Among its elements are government-specific blogs, interactive options related to the expected changes in government, and deep analysis.

“In many ways, Washington is a company town, and the company that runs the town is the government,” Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli said in a statement. “This page will bring together our myriad journalistic strengths with content that is about, for and even by people who depend on the Federal Government. We’ll bring sophisticated and thorough coverage to the federal workforce culture and the vast and costly array of
contracting and procurement activities.”

Adds Liz Spayd, editor of washingtonpost.com: “The Fed Page takes the Post’s in-depth reporting and incorporates the technology and tools to let readers go even deeper into the policy-making process.”

Check it out, here.

The Post also launched a new blog focused on the transition to the new administration. “44 A Transition to Power: The Obama
Presidency,” claims to be “a political blog that looks ahead at the new Obama presidency and all of the administration changes coming to Washington.”

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