Washington Post’s ‘Comic Riffs’ Blog Interviews ‘Watchmen’ Illustrator Dave Gibbons

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By: E&P Staff

Michael Cavna’s “Comic Riffs” blog at The Washington Post’s Web Site has an interview with Dave Gibbons, the illustrator behind “Watchmen,” one of the greatest graphic novels of all time, and which will finally be brought to the big screen next year.

Gibbons, who talked with ?Riffs? contributor David Betancourt, looks back on the book?s creation and some of his favorite characters. To wit:

DB: Do you have a favorite character?
DG: ?Well, the one who’s closest to my heart is Night Owl because, as I describe in the book, he was based on a character that I created when I was a fan growing up. He was one of my pet characters. The fact that I was able to get him into the book because he fitted a slot that Alan didn’t have anything for, that was a great joy to me.?

Check it out, here. Scroll down to the third item.

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