Washingtonpost.com Revamps Homepage — Increases Emphasis on Video

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By: E&P Staff

On Thursday The Washington Post’s Web site will unveil a redesigned homepage, which is aimed at simplifying navigation and increasing the site’s emphasis on video and multimedia content.

The site will now load more quickly, and will also feature a multimedia strip that gives the site’s video offerings a permanent showcase on the homepage.

The modified washingtonpost.com homepage includes, for instance, an all-new “Smart Living” section that houses a brand new database of over 1000 recipes, as well as other content “meant to improve the quality and ease of readers lives,” according to a release.

“Our video team produces some of the best, most critically acclaimed work on the Web with awards ranging from Emmys to Murrows — readers need to know how to find it,” said Jim Brady, Executive Editor of washingtonpost.com in a statement.

Brady said last week on a panel in New York that 85 of the Post’s print reporters have now been trained with video cameras, and noted that the site is running “maybe five or six reporter-shot videos weekly.”

The page now has its editorial content in fixed positions allowing readers to always come to the site and find the same content in the same place. Rather than a full list of headlines, the homepage will now have representative headlines for each of its categories, with an option to expand the section into a larger list of top stories in that section.

“Our goal was to design the home page to achieve two primary goals that are sometimes in conflict: helping people find what they’re looking for and exposing them to new features on the site,” said Brady in the statement. “We believe our homepage’s fresh, streamlined re-design addresses those challenges.”

Aside from the recipes database (which includes an extensive compilation of recipe from the newspaper’s food section over the years), the “Smart Living” section will also include a different topical focus each weekday, with rotating emphasis on Personal Finance, Health, Food, Home, and Fashion. The section also plans to add animated fitness demos, and an interactive gardening calendar.

“Washingtonpost.com produces a lot of great lifestyle content — we wanted to compile the best features that address how to live your life better, smarter and easier,” said Nancy Kerr, the site’s Assistant Managing Editor for Features in a written statement.

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