Web Ads Boost Brand Awareness

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By: Ann M. Mack

(Adweek) Adding online advertising to a TV campaign boosts brand awareness, but the inclusion does little to impact purchasing decisions, according to new findings from Dynamic Logic.

The New York-based research firm, which examined 10 cross-media studies in which TV and online advertising could be isolated, found that the Web is a particularly effective medium for reinforcing a brand’s sponsorship of an event, cause or other entity. When respondents were exposed to Internet ads, sponsorship association increased nearly 16 points, more than doubling TV’s impact.

While broadcast ads upped message association — or the ability to link a brand to a message or value proposition — by nearly 13 points, the Web added 7 points to that.

Online advertising’s ability to influence purchasing decisions did not fare as well. TV spots increased that metric by nearly 6, but the Web contributed a measly 0.4 point incremental boost.

“Persuasion metrics are notoriously difficult to move in any advertising medium,” said Dynamic Logic President Nick Nyhan, cautioning that the study is an “early look at some emerging averages and not necessarily the norm.”

He added, however, that it lends some insights into the strengths of each medium. “Use them smartly,” he said. “It might be that you want TV to nail purchase intent because it’s a very powerful medium in 30 seconds to nail [that]. But in online, it’s excellent in bringing the needles up on awareness and association.”

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