By: Jim Rosenberg

PressXchange.com Seeks To Match Buyers, Sellers

While bar-code and scanner developers pursue print-to-Web
applications amid dot-com deflation and death, a London-based
startup has emerged that pushes e-commerce back in the print

Launched last month to serve the $7.36-billion international used
printing machinery market, pressXchange.com puts together
equipment buyers and sellers. It follows last year’s emergence of
paper-trading Web sites, which offer newsprint but have yet to
replace newspapers’ purchasing practices and relationships with

“Presses are bought and sold between continents all the time, but
it remains difficult for printers … to source the specific
machine they need, which might be found in Stockholm, New York,
London, or Sydney,” said pressXchange.com founder John Roadnight,
who spent 20 years with Dornier, Britain’s big dealer in used
Heidelberg equipment.

To advertise on pressXchange.com, printers and dealers worldwide
pay a monthly fee – approximately $20 a machine for a dealer
on an annual contract, and $215 for three months in a one-off
individual listing, says Roadnight. Visitors view what is offered
at no charge. Once a buyer finds a suitable machine, a mouse
click brings up full details about the seller, who then can be
independently contacted.

At the outset, its database area for web-fed presses (all are
offset), listed 23 single- and double-wide presses for
newspapers, but newspapers would recognize fewer than half as
machines likely to be found in their pressrooms. Roadnight said
he hopes “to increase this number significantly over the next few

Conceived in 1999 and in development all last year, the
independent service provider accepts no online bids and says it
takes no middleman’s cut from dealers’ profit margins.

In his launch announcement, Roadnight called the Internet
“probably the most important event to hit the used printing
machinery business since Gutenberg decided to upgrade his first
press.” The site began with 29 European dealers under contract,
along with six others in the United States, Australia, and New

Expecting much business in this country, Roadnight seeks to start
pressXchange.comUSA with a U.S. partner by spring. Negotiations
with the partner “are close to finalization,” he said, adding
that a deal may be announced at or soon after this weekend’s
Graphics of the Americas trade show in Miami Beach.

Jim Rosenberg (tech@editorandpublisher.com)
is a senior editor covering newspaper technology for E&P.

Copyright 2001, Editor & Publisher.

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