Wednesday’s ‘Best of the Web’

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Today’s highlights from newspaper Web sites.

Behind the Booms: The When, Where and How of Fireworks Wisconsin State Journal Interactive Package
By Wisconsin State Journal staff
Tempted to quit your office gig to become a fireworks display-arranger? The day has come where you can do both and, should you so desire, all from the safety of your computer. Gone are the days of relying on other sparkler-savvy display-arrangers to fulfill your fireworks fix. With Independence Day around the corner, check out this interactive package and create your very own grand finale: choose the color, shape, height, and duration of up to 10 wicked-cool rockets, and be proud of your hard work as you watch the show.

A Tale of Three Cities
The New York Times Photo Slideshow
By Moises Saman
It’s said that a picture tells a thousand words. The ones in this photo slideshow seem to tell at least twice that many. Inundated with news of more deaths in Iraq, it’s no wonder Westerners succumb to compassion fatigue. Take a moment to flip through this online album — the black-and-white virtual visit to Basra, Sadr City, and Mosul will bring the human drama of the war smack-dab to center of your computer screen.

Angora Fire
2007 Sacramento Bee Photo Slideshow
By Staff Photographers
A fire that rips through neighborhoods, destroys 254 homes, forces 3,500 people to evacuate the places they call home, and burns 3,100 acres of forested land commands respect. A year ago this week, the Angora fire blazed through the communities of South Lake Tahoe, wreaking havoc on families there. In the midst of the anniversary of a fire that relentlessly ravaged the wilderness for a whopping 10 days, settle in and watch this compelling eight-minute photo slideshow masterfully compiled by about a dozen Sacramento Bee staffers.

Florida Everglades Orlando Sentinel Interactive Package
By Orlando Sentinel staff
Inject some interactive learning into your day by checking out this multimedia piece by the Orlando Sentinel. Florida Everglades not your thing? Then skip the timeline, definitions, maps, and the rest of the informative mumbo-jumbo and head straight to the “Effects on Animals & The Ecosystem” section. Click on “Alligators” and listen to their three main calls: the hiss of the threat, the bellow of the courtship, and the wonky hatching call are worth lending your ear.

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