WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: Bill Kristol and Bob Woodward Lookalikes?, Questions Remain in Tillman Death

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader wonders whether there are more questions still to be answered about the death of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan, while another thinks that reporter Bob Woodward looks a little like pundit and columnist Bill Kristol.


Questions Remain in Tillman Death

I appreciate Greg Mitchell’s continuing coverage of the Pat Tillman case. However, Mitchell fails to point out that Tillman’s uniform and diary were burned after he died. Who ordered this destruction of evidence, and why? I think the press has a lot more work to do. On ESPN radio today, Mary Tillman said that Pat was against the war in Iraq — he thought it was illegal. She also said she can’t rule out that Pat’s death was intentional — that he was murdered.

I hope some enterprising investigative reporters (if there are any left) are still on the case. It’s the least the press could do for the family — and for the rest of us, who were treated like dupes so President Bush could manufacture a hero when support for the war began to ebb.

Brian Vastag
Washington, D.C.

How on earth can you let something like this go unchallenged: “That aspect of his life never gets mentioned because the Christians and right-wing in this country get so angry and unnerved whenever an atheist is reported to be brave, unselfish, law-abiding, patriotic, and that they fought for their country to preserve our unique forms of freedom. It messes with their heads.”

I realize most of your readers are smart enough to know that J. Scott Taylor, who wrote this stuff in Tuesday’s letters, is so far “out there” in his thinking that it’s laughable. I hang out with a few Christians (and athiests as well), and never have I heard a Christian say anything bad about an athiest who died for his country. I hang out with some conservative folks (and some liberals as well), and the thought of praising an athiest who died for our country doesn’t “mess with their heads.”

Taylor was reaching for the stars to say something that pushes his agenda, but it didn’t even make any sense. The problem is you folks are helping him spread the nonsense without taking him to task for it. Where are the gatekeepers?

Will Daniel
Richmond, Va.


Switched at Birth?

Are the cobwebs out or do I need another cup of coffee is [Bob] Woodward morphing into the Fox Star [Bill] Kristol?

Jack Hickey
Long Beach N.Y.

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