WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: Bush ‘Worst President,’ Tony Snow and ‘Winning’

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, more readers react to the question of whether George W. Bush is the worst president in American history, and some thoughts on whether America is “winning” in Iraq.


Worst President Ever?

The pro-Bush historians seem to have only two points to make in his defense.

One, his administration has been ?largely void of widespread corruption,? and two, the Iraq War hasn?t proven quite as disastrous as Vietnam. Well, to that first point, I say, wait until we know just how many billions Halliburton and the other contractors have stolen from the American taxpayer (and American servicepeople). Harding?s cronies are going to look like paragons of virtue. And as for Vietnam, tragic as it was, it didn?t turn 1.5 billion people into lifelong enemies of the U.S., and, despite My Lai and other atrocities, it didn?t leave the world with an image of Americans as perverted sadists. In fact, this last point, Bush?s blatant and shameless advocacy of torture, is why he will not only be remembered as the worst president but also as the most depraved.

Matt Hogan
New York, N.Y.

I am an opinion columnist for The Athens Banner-Herald, the daily newspaper here in Athens, Ga.

While writers in the Washington Post recently debated whether or not George W. Bush is America’s worst president, I wrote a column that appeared more than three and a half years ago in the March 8, 2003 edition of the Banner-Herald that was headlined “Bush is Fast Proving He’s ‘America’s Worst President.'” Readers can view the piece at the columnist archives at or by entering my name in their search engines. I’m glad to see The Washington Post following the lead of The Athens Banner-Herald.

Ed Tant
The Athens Banner-Herald
Athens, Ga.


Tony Snow and ‘Winning’ in Iraq

We watched the hearing on Mr. Gates, and we heard everyone on the bench, as well as Mr. Gates, say/acknowledge that we are losing the Iraq war. There may be three people who are stuck in concrete on this, and refusing to admit the truth. They are Bush, Cheney, and Snow.

They are not just mouthing a military/political slogan, they are deliberately lying. Every discussion centers on how the troops/the Pentagon/the generals will do this, or that. But, the whole exercise must ride on what policies does the new Congress want the President to implement, in providing security for the American people, consistent with the voting that said the people want the hell out.

Now. General Pace sent 20,000 additional troops into Iraq without any apparent White House order to do so. If this is the case, he committed an act of treason, and if Bush ordered the infusion of troops secretly, he also is guilty. It would be an action representing a military coup of the American political process.

From the pre-planned secrecy with the Project For a New American Century, through the lies to the nation and the Congress about WMDs etc, Bush has committed many acts of treason. When will this nation have the honest journalistic coverage that is needed to permit the trial of the president?

Edward McClendon

I just finished reading the Tony Snow transcript and if there ever was a blatant perfect example of the overarching bias that the mainstream media has against the U.S., the President and people like me this was it! Please tell my granddaughter when she is 16 why she has to wear a burka? You think that is an exaggeration?

When reporters quibble about “winning the war,” it is serving only one purpose! Helping the enemy. These gangsters now known as the Mainstream Media, help their allies the gangsters in Iraq have greater killings, beheadings, homocidal attacks.

Aren’t you ashamed to be associated with these dripping hating hacks/gangsters that are from what I am perceiving as cheering on the gangsters!

For shame, because they think Bush stinks and the country can go to hell. Well sirs, as editors of this publication for the media, you are to be blamed more than any group. You are suppose to be the ruler which measures the ethical integrity of these hacks and by standing by and ignoring this behavior you are more to blame. … Treason.

Jim Blood

Well, with Tony Snow saying we are winning in Iraq, Bob Woodward’s credibility should soar like an eagle.

Ben Matheny

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