WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: Can You Imagine Woodstein Biking With Nixon?

By: E&P Staff

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Re: Denny Wilkins’ column about today’s profit-obsessed newsrooms, and his struggles with what to tell his J-school students about the profession they are about to enter, one Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist offered the following advice:

Tell them that being a reporter is and will remain more damn fun than any job on the face of the earth. With thanks for your thoughtful piece,

Anna Quindlen


Re: ‘Wash Post’ Cuts Ties to Pentagon Event After Protests

Good call by The Washington Post withdrawing its sponsorship of Freedom Walk. I was ready to withdraw my respect for the paper. It was reassuring that someone in Washington can admit when they are wrong! Congratulations.

Kathy Jadud


Re: Bike Riding With Bush Gives White House Reporters New Perspective on President

That’s what I love to hear, how American journalists are doing their jobs. And, since that was in E&P, I would like to know who these reporters were. I mean there only were seven of them, so E&P could have identified them and their organizations. Suck-ups like these would have been the laughing stock of the entire trade back in my days at the Detroit Free Press. Can you imagine Woodward and Bernstein out biking with Nixon?

Michael Graham


Re: ‘Wash Post’ Cuts Ties to Pentagon Event After Protests

No professionalism what so ever, journalist integrity an oxymoron, and now no guts. Did it ever occur to any of these people that it is not their public activities that concern most of us, but what goes on in closed meetings, dinner parties, and other get-togethers where they are influenced and we don’t know who is pulling their strings? Good grief.

Fred Newman
Winston Salem, N.C.

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