WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: Fans Defend Coulter, Cheers for Mitchell’s Column on Lebanon

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, Ann Coulter’s fans defend her white powder joke, and Greg Mitchell wins praise for his recent column on coverage of the bombing in Lebanon.


Coulter’s White Powder ‘Joke’

Stupid on Coulter’s part. She is smarter than this, although the points she is attempting to get across to others in the media are being lost on hair-splitters like E&P. MSM is dead, it is just like the water buffalo that is mortally injured but the signal has not made its way back to the brain.

Ed Ebert
Indianapolis, Ind.

If you media elites would only understand that many of us not living in N.Y., Mass., and Conn. find the New York Times to be close to a friend of the enemy. Their history as a friend of our enemy is established by their coverage of the Soviet Union and their defense of its oppression.

Since E&P is a front, or organ, of the New York Times, don’t expect to be taken seriously.

Dan Green

Ann Coulter writes and speaks in truthful way that I can understand. I am just an average American who loves his country and dislikes what the intellectual establishment does to us. As for your magazine, the information published therein is so far removed from normal everyday life in America as to make it a waste of paper.

Tom Enneking
St. Petersburg, Fla.


On Mitchell’s Lebanon Analysis

Curious that yours is one of the few columns that recognizes connection between America’s material support for Israel and moral responsibility for Israel’s actions, even though everybody “knows” that Syria and Iran are responsible for Hezbollah’s conduct.

There are no principles or morality here. Indiscriminate bombing of Lebanese, Iraqis, Vietnamese civilians. Makes is no difference to greedy American publishers and craven American readers. I am becoming ashamed of far too many crimes America’s alien government is committing in our name.

Ken Bley
Northfield, Ill.

I would like to congratulate you on your excellent article about the Beirut bombing and your honest analysis of the situation. You are impartial and it is too bad that many of the writers and newspapers are biased and distort facts and ignore the suffering of the Lebanese civilians.

You are an objective writer and many thanks for this great and excellent editorial.

Hish Majzoub, M.D.

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