WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: Galloway and Walter Reed, Conrad’s Comeuppance

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a former employee’s schadenfreude for Lord Black, and some comments on Joe Galloway’s piece on the military hospitals scandal.


Comeuppance for Conrad

I had the misfortune of working for Lord Black at a small-town daily in Pennsylvania back in the go-go 80s. His recent troubles remind me of something my mother used to say; “Time wounds all heels.”

Mike Hudson
Niagara Falls, N.Y.


Joltin’ Joe Galloway

It’s kind of difficult to give any credibility to a guy who doesn’t know there hasn’ t been a Veterans Administration in this country for 18 years. Hey, Joe Galloway, read an AP Stylebook once in a while. Or better yet, look at the sign on the building when you pass by it.

And please tell me I?m dreaming that he wrote, “we don’t deserve to be defended from the wolves of this world.” Speak for yourself, Joe.

Will Daniel
Richmond, Va.

… [The] article by [Joe] Galloway on [Paul] Bremer was long overdue! One question about the fifth paragraph, 1st line, in which Galloway says: “I can think of no period in American history when we sat idly by while $12 billion just disappeared, poof, without a paper trail; without heads rolling; without someone going to prison.”

Is it possible that Galloway forgot that the Pentagon lost either $3.2 or $2.3 trillion, depending on whether Mike Ruppert or Donald Rumsfeld announced it? Rumsfeld announced $2.3 trillion on Sept. 10/01.

Possible records of the loss were conveniently and allegedly destroyed
in the Building No. 7 and Pentagon fires on Sept. 11/01. The $3.2 trillion figure was published in the Washington Post and other top US newspapers prior to the last election within From The Wilderness’ full page reasons not to re-elect Bush.

Perhaps he just couldn’t afford to expand the issue, but I suspect that in his position, he may have some information about these missing trillions that no one seems to want to tackle or admit to, and may know whether or not anyone is even trying to find them. …

Natalia Kuzmyn

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