WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: Is Iraq War Draining Badly Needed Resources?

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By: E&P Staff

Today’s letters look at and respond to the argument — outlined in Will Bunch’s column Did New Orleans Catostrophe Have to Happen — that the war in Iraq has diverted manpower and funds that could have been used to alleviate the disaster from hurricane Katrina. Plus, a few latecomers to the Ann Coulter Defense Fund.


United We Stand

Professor Larry Schweikart of Ohio [below] wants to know why he should help pay for the “development” of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. I think he may find out when he has to fill up his car with more expensive gasoline, or watch his stocks, if he has any, lose money. Beyond selfish reasons, however, one wonders where “United We Stand” has got to. That didn’t last long, did it?

Pavel Chichikov
Washington, D.C.


You’ve Got to be Kidding

This is truly an assinine column. The idea that I should be taxed to pay for the development of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans because I choose to live in a “hurricane-free” state like Ohio is absurd. It’s even more absurd to think that because we spend money that is legitimate by constitutional standards — for national defense against terrorists in Iraq — we “don’t have enough” for levee projects. I didn’t see the residents of New Orleans kicking in privately for massive levee construction. How about this? You live in a hurricane zone, “you takes your chances”? Your “tax” for living in a temperate climate with a view of the ocean may well be that you get a hurricane every so often, just as it is California’s burden to deal with earthquakes, mudslides, and fires because they want to live in near-perfect weather year round.

Stop blaming Bush and get a clue.

Prof. Larry Schweikart
University of Dayton


Iraq Washback

My hometown has had semi-regular, non-deadly flooding in several areas. Recently, our county council asked the Army Corps of Engineers to do a study on how it could be prevented. According to this article, work on cleaning it up would begin Next month.

However, an article which I can no longer find states that they are unable to do anything, due to lack of funding, as most CoE funding has been diverted to Iraq.

Orville Eastland
Greenville, S.C.


I feel terrible for the people of New Orleans, but no amount of federal dollars would help to alleviate the problems they are experiencing right now! Give me break.

Rodney Powe
Hickory, N.C.


Re: ‘Arizona Daily Star’ Drops Ann Coulter’s ‘Shrill’ Column

Suppression of views leads to the tactics utilized in many communistic countries to brainwash the people into believing the world is one way (the projected way).

Do not tell us what we can or can not read — or try to imply that people think of Ann Coulter as “shrill and bombastic” — for you are taking steps towards the brainwashing tactics of media in non-free countries.

Ann Coulter is logical and strong in her opinions — yet she exhibits restraint in the face of shrill, illogical people who disagree with her. She provokes contemplation, thinking and research. Even when one does not agree with her, they are forced to think, which truly is a good thing for all human beings. She most definitely provokes debate — which is part of what keeps the media active. If everyone agreed with everyone, you would be out of a job.

D. Pacifica
Cardiff by the Sea, Calif.


I do not find Ann Coulter’s columns ?shrill,? as if that is a reason to drop her column. I think she makes great points with incredible amounts of humor and truth. Liberals can offend us all day long with their ?politically correct? nonsense but conservatives get censored. The paper’s actions remind me of all the bad stuff that happened in Jr. High. I guess it’s your ball, but don’t ask real conservatives to play again. Dang Bully!

Mark Patton
Morgantown, W.Va.


Thoughts on Novak

Ed’s Note: E&P hasn’t written about Mr. Novak in a while, so we can only assume that this story on mounting pressure for Novak to explain his role in the CIA leak probe touched a nerve with our reader:

I used to watch a few political “yakfests” but I stopped because I just couldn’t stomach Novak any longer.

During the Clinton Administration his hatred for the Cllintons and Democrats in general was palpable. I really think if he had the ability and could press a button to end the Clinton’s lives, along with some other despised liberals, he would have done it with evil glee.

I remember when he trumpeted an WSJ editorial page that called the poor in this country “lucky-duckies who had been getting a free ride in this country and should be made to pay their fair share.”

Then he continued with “If you give these people more programs and money they will just spend on beer and the racetrack.”

This caused not a ripple in the media. Picture the resultant furor if he had said this:

“It is about time the wealthy in this country, including me, were made to pay their fair share of taxes. Since we have been receiving the lion’s share of gifts, like exemptions, for years now. We all know it — everyone else has to sacrifice so we don’t have to do anything except get richer. This is immoral and it has to stop. Now! There IS a war on, you know!”

This is the only way that he would be banished from the media landscape and forced into an early retirement.

Maybe Plamegate will swallow him up. I hope so. He is an execrable excuse for a human being.

David T. Gray
Claremont, N.H.

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