WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: Israel in Lebanon Like U.S. in Iraq, Iraq Did Have WMDs, E&P Sells Books for Ann Coulter

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader asserts that Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction, two readers blast E&P for our coverage of Ann Coulter, and readers say Israel’s incursion into Lebanon is similar to the U.S.’s adventure in Iraq.


Reader: Iraq Did Have WMDs

Your publication is apparently stunned that two-thirds of Americans think Saddam Hussein had strong links to al Qaeda. As someone who covers this topic exclusively in my freelance writing for a number of publications, including my own site, it baffles me as to how members of the press would be surprised by this.

The evidence is extensive and strong, despite the widespread blackout of covereage from many of the “mainstream” media outlets.

Mark Eichenlaub


E&P Selling Books for Ann Coulter

I wasn’t going to buy Ann’s latest book, just because I have so many books waiting to be read. But E&P has provided me the incentive I needed to go ahead and buy it.

If only E&P had the courage to speak truth, like she does.

Teresa Ambord
Anderson, Calif.

It’s amazing to me how you elitists can sit in your ivory towers and wallow in your politically correct pap; the very thing that is in the process of systematically destroying this once great nation. Along comes an intelligent, articulate, truly American voice like Ann Coulter who has virtually no fear of ripping down the wall of political correctness to reveal the truth and you arrogantly silence her with an elitist wave of the hand. Shame on you. You literally make me sick.

Chris Jensen


Against Israel’s Lebanon Incursion

The U.S. position on the fighting in the Middle East is essentially: “Stop the killing. But not yet.” Washington is resisting an immediate cease-fire so as to give Israeli forces more of a chance to destroy Hezbollah. But more time isn’t likely to accomplish much militarily, while every day of grisly photos on Arab television strengthens hard-liners — and Iranian and Shiite influence — throughout the region. The Israeli offensive and the American support for it seem to reflect the same misguided thinking that led to our Iraq war.

Israel’s Lebanon adventure is playing out a bit like America’s Iraq adventure. It is bolstering hard-liners (like Bashar al-Assad of Syria) and undermining moderates (like King Abdullah of Jordan), while handing propaganda victories to Iran and Shiite militants. Arab television channels have shown an unending stream of pictures of dead Lebanese children. We put our Arab allies in an impossible position when militants ask how they can work with a U.S. government that supplies the munitions that kill those children.

Steve Sawmelle
Potomac, Md.

… According to a letter written by Noam Chomsky and signed by Howard Zinn and others, the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by Hizbullah was in response to Israel kidnapping some civilians and was for the purpose of prisoner exchange.

The disproportionality of the two sides makes this a very uncomfortable scenario to watch unfold. It makes Israel appear not only unsuccessful, but horrid.

The U.S. experience in Iraq and Israel’s with Hizbullah should cause the author’s of the infamous PNAC paper to give pause and re-evaluate what it means to be a military superpower, though I doubt they will.

The response or lack of it by the Cheney/Bush government has been dubbed, quite accurately I think, Katrina II.

Carol Davidek-Waller
Kirkland Wash.

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