WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: Radio Station Cries ‘Enough,’ Brennan on ‘AntiBrennan,’ Media Conspires Against Bush?

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, New Jersey firefighter Bill Brennan responds to Steve Yahn’s recent article about the false commenter “AntiBrennan” on, a reader is convinced the media is doing a hit job on the Bush administration, and another thinks that Bush’s cohorts should pay for the outcome of the Iraq war.


Anonymous Sources Pushing U.S. Into Iran

Just a quick e-mail to congratulate [Greg Mitchell] for [his] stand on not parroting potentially inaccurate information, most likely leaked to advance an unjust agenda.

[He has] set [himself] apart in a media world corrupted by sensationalism and corporate influence.

In light of the Iraq lies, I think it prudent to have any “washington source” identified and on tape when they make statements like the ones referred to in [his] article.

Alan Crawford


Radio Station Cries ‘Enough’

Hooray for KSFR! It?s about time that someone took the lead in demonstrating what the Fourth Estate is all about. Shame on the ?prestigious? dailies for becoming shills for this administration. They?ve become nothing more than propaganda tools. The American public deserves more accurate/fair/balanced reporting. May many others join in doing the right thing.

David Traub
Lakeville, Minn.

Thank you for your article and please thank manager Bill Dupuy for raising the standard on what is or is not to be reported as factual or documented, before releasing to the public.

The public supports the the standard Mr. Dupuy has implemented and hopefully, additional stations, newspapers and other media will follow suit.

The position taken is very much appreciated.

Jewell Cornette


Notes on ‘AntiBrennan’

“Had nothing to do with the litigation”?

My suit contended that the entire governiong body was “antiBrennan” and that the entire governing body wanted me fired in retaliation for my protected activities. My suit also accused Gallucci et al. of intentional infliction of emotional distress. …

Even if the Dendrite case applied, Gallucci wasn’t going to get a Judge to say his comments were irrelevant.

Bill Brennan


Media Conspiracy Against Bush Administration

It is finally clear to me that there is a concerted, directed effort in the media to convince the American people that President Bush, his vice president and cabinet, GOP members of Congress and military generals never tell the truth, no matter what. The language in columns, news reports and letters to editors suggests this effort is ongoing and intense. (Forget for just a moment that a recent president of a different party was impeached for lying, and the media pretty much gave him a pass.)

I would like to know what is going to happen to this country when this media effort succeeds. Has anyone considered the ramifications of a populace that no longer trusts its duly elected government leaders? If we can imagine chaos and lawlessness, looting in the streets and complete anarchy in such a state, why do we continue on the path that could create it?

I recognize that a counterpoint to every point of fact presented by the government can be a good thing, but why is the media nearly always willing to blindly present the counterpoint as more plausible?

I don’t have the answers, just the questions. Here’s another: Suppose the media effort backfires and the populace no longer trusts the media? I think I have the answer to that one — chaos, lawlessness, looting in the streets and complete anarchy.

Will Daniel
Richmond, Va.


No Cheney on the Stand

Oh, POOH!? I had so much looked forward to seeing Cheney’s testy-mony, and even more to [seeing] the spinmeisters at work [afterwards] on the cable news channels and in the newspaper columns.? ?Oh, well, maybe another father of?baby Dannielyn will step forward to keep us entertained.

Bob Kalsey


On an Iraq Veteran’s Suicide

I suggest we start by confiscating the fortunes of all those who voted for or pushed the invasion of Iraq: Bush, Cheney, Addington, Feith, Yoo, Wolfowitz, Perle, Rice, Powell, et al, and then sue all the oil companies for a portion of their huge profits. I’d say that would provide a good start at providing adequate funding for the VA.

They wanted the invasion, they wanted control of the oil, let them pay for it and for the devastation that’s resulted from their lies and greed.

Susan Hogg
Newsport, Ore.

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