WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: Stereotypes and the Press, Ann Coulter’s Religion, Cheney an Iranian Agent?

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, more response to the Newspapers in Education survey, thoughts on Ann Coulter’s religion, and comments about Steve Hallock’s article about the media’s tendency toward racial stereotyping.


Is Ahmadinejad Behind ‘D.C. Dick?’

Maybe there’s a simpler explanation. When he says, “we have in fact accomplished our objectives,” Cheney is just straightforwardly telling the truth — and he’s an Iranian sleeper agent.

Robert P. Forbes, Ph.D.
Lecturer in History
Yale University
New Haven, Conn.


Newspapers Are Important in Classrooms

I read your January 28th article about newspaper vs. Internet use in our schools. I am a 29 year veteran kindergarten teacher in the Catholic school system in Eau Claire, Wis., and just wanted to relate to you that every day I bring some part of the local newspaper that I think may be of interest to the kindergarten children and we find out a little bit more about our community and the world.

Most days the article chosen is accompanied by a picture. I often hear, “I saw that in the paper, too!” which makes me feel, since I started doing this, that a few of the children have taken an interest in the newspaper, which I feel is great! Remember, these children are five or six years old and most of them can barely read.

Mary Slobodnik


Jesus Was a Liberal?

That is absolutely astounding news that Ann Coulter has done a complete about face and converted to liberalism.

That is, I assume that her being a speaker at a conference entitled, “Reclaiming America for Christ”, would mean that she has actually read the teachings of Jesus.

Wiley Ink


Stereotyping in the Press

I’m glad to know Selena Roberts is against stereotyping by race or class. This represents growth on her part since her infamous, seethingly hate-filled column written in the wake of the indictment of those Duke lacrosse students last year during that particular example of left-wing hysteria. So far as I am aware, Roberts has not revisited her rant against those — can I say stereotypical? – privileged white frat boys. We all know how much space this demographic occupies on police blotters.

What’s that you say? Roberts’ thoughts are still valuable because of the history of white male racism, etc.? Hmm. Seems to me that ‘history’ in this sense is the justification employed by all sides in the continued warfare between tribes around the world from Northern Ireland to the Balkans to the Middle East to India, but never mind. Just thought I’d mention it.

Mark Richard
Columbus, Ohio

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