WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: Sympathy for Stern, Defenders and Detractors Weigh in on Cheney Leak

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a former reporter who was wrongly accused of misdeeds has sympathy for Jared Paul Stern, a supporter of Dick Cheney refutes our coverage of the Vice President, and another Cheney-backer tells us what we can do.


Sympathy for Scandalized Page Sixer

As a former reporter who was wrongfully charged and indicted (1988) for alleged crimes very similar to what [Jared Paul] Stern faces, I sympathize with him and understand the pain he feels. I was acquitted but had to go to trial to prove my innocence. My book “Caught in the Crossfire” that told the story was also a NBC TV movie. I was portrayed by Dennis Franz. Your recent story expresses Stern’s surprise at the lack of support from his journalists peers. Tell him to expect nothing from this group as they will do nothing to spoil their sources for other stories and for leaked grand jury and other confidential information.

I hope that Stern, if he is innocent, has more to look forward to than a TV movie about himself.

R. E. Payne

Regarding the ‘Chicago Tribune’ Demand That Dick Cheney Answer For CIA Leak

1) The Chicago Trib is NOT conservative.

2) The President and Vice President did not leak Plame’s identity.

3) Wilson worked for Kerry.

4) Madame Plame (who was so covert she modeled herself on the cover of Vanity Fair) recommended her husband to do the so called information gathering in Nigeria.

5) Wilson NEVER wrote up a report which is very unusual. His first wife worded for the French Government. The French pulled this crap over the Italians and our masterful CIA. Plame voluntarily gave up her cover during Wilson’s and her dating as written in Wilson’s book which is AGAINST CIA rules. Madame Plame is a looser and should have been fired years ago. Don’t you guys wonder why our $30 Billion CIA outfit doesn’t know who the hell Nigeria is selling yellow cake to without sending some has been State Department lying looser? No, you MSM people are too stupid to ask the right questions.

6) Saddam did have his cohorts fly to Nigeria and try to purchase yellow cake just like the British MI5 claimed and just like President Bush said in the State of the Union Speech.

7) President Bush can unclassify anything he wishes to and therefore it is not a leak. He asked his staff to EDUCATE you damn idiots on the facts which to date you still do not COMPREHEND. You do recognize a fact when you see one, right?

Either you are god damned stupid or you are god damned biased. Take your pick it does not reflect well on your profession.

It looks like some things simply never change.

Antje Akkerman

Why bother calling for a high government official to explain anything at a news conference? These bastards lied the nation into an illegal and corrupt war for unknown reasons. Why would Cheney or anyone else bother telling the truth in a news conference? Will he be placed under oath before the conference begins?

Bill Fairchild
Plainfield, IL

Go “F” yourselves.

Paul Clark

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