WEDNESDAY’S LETTERS: U.S. Didn’t Have a Civil War?, Cheney’s Selective Amnesia, Counting Deaths in Iraq

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a Georgian claims that the U.S. Civil War was wrongly named as such, more readers comment on the study that claimed the media are undercounting the number of Iraqis killed in the war, and a reader wonders why Vice President Cheney can’t remember his rosy outlook before the war.


A Civil War by Any Other Name …

The definition of a civil war is a war fought between factions or members of the same country or nation. The war to which you refer in this article was actually a war fought between two independent nations, namely between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America.

That being the case, it was no more a civil war than was the war fought between the United States and Mexico, or any other of the many wars in which the United States has become involved.

The most accurate name for the war to which you refer in this article would be “The War to Prevent Southern Independence.” That would be the most accurate term for the war because that was clearly the intent and purpose of the war from it’s inception to it’s final tragic conclusion.

Carroll Price
Waynesboro, Ga. (occupied by the US military since 1865)


The Devil We Know?

Please keep up the your work to have this death study exposed to every American. Also the fact that the methodolgy is the same the Bush administration has used to validate many actions. I write to the networks and magazines every day to look into this subject. Wouldn’t it be great if 60 minutes would do a segment?

Tom McDougall
Hurricane, Utah

Just recoil in horror; Bush has conducted 603,000 illegal ADULT abortions in Iraq. In the name of what evil? Beyond Chavez’s characterization — with a capitol D?

Victor Anderson


Cheney Looks Back With Amnesia

Absolutely amazing how pols (of all stripes) can get selective amnesia regarding their rosy outlook prior to the invasion based on trumped up evidence! Mr. Cheney?s comments about being “… greeted as liberators” is one of the most disturbingly damaging miscalculations in our country’s history. All due to a cabal of “experts” thinking they can play Stratego with the world.

David Traub
Lakeville, Minn.

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