WEDNESDAY’S LINKS: ‘Globe’ Staffers Crowd the Exits, Times Co. Shareholder Revolt, Times Reader Should Be Free

By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, Jon Friedman is shocked (shocked!) that the Los Angeles Times would have a Hollywood producer guest edit a section, 30 Boston Globe staffers apply for 19 buyouts, and the White House tries to bury revelations from the Gonzoles memos by releasing them late in the evening.


The New York Times company is getting a crash course on how to handle persistent and critical shareholders, as it fights to preserve the complex share structure by which the Sulzberger family maintains control over the public company. (Wall Street Journal)

At last, the put-upon Boston Globe has found a New York Times Company policy it can go along with: On March 19, as many as 30 staffers applied for 19 buyout slots, (New York Observer)

As they headed home after a wearying eight hours in court yesterday, the 12 jurors enlisted to decide the fate of Conrad Black had two vastly different portrayals of the dethroned newspaper baron to consider. (New York Post)

A time-honored Washington practice of trying to extinguish, pre-empt, or redirect news coverage by dumping stacks of previously secret government documents on the press may be in for some changes after a headlong collision with hundreds of liberal Web loggers in the wee hours of yesterday morning. (New York Sun)

Matt Buchanan: Make the Times Reader free. (Washington Square News)

Traditional media needs to evolve or they will become dinosaurs, blogger and author Arianna Huffington said in a keynote speech Monday. (CNet)

Jack Shafer: The specter of memo republication hasn’t deterred Sandy Rowe, who runs the Oregonian. Rowe’s recent communiqu? to the newsroom about staff changes and the newspaper’s “future” was posted to the Web yesterday by Portland’s Willamette Week. Written in the saddest bureaucratese, her 760-word note stops whatever conversation it was designed to start. (Slate)

Jon Friedman: Where’s the outrage over the LA Times’ decision to have a movie producer guest-edit a secton of the newspaper? (Marketwatch)

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