WEDNESDAY’S LINKS: ‘Strib’ Staffers Sound Off, Keillor on the Pleasures of Newspaper Reading, ‘WSJ’ Redesign

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, writer Garrison Keillor extols the virtues of traditional newspaper reading, Minneapolis Star Tribune newsroom staff sound off about McClatchy and the company’s CEO Gary Pruitt, and Max Boot says that it would be a mistake for conservatives to blame the U.S. losing the Iraq war on the media.


Garrison Keillor: Newspapers are portable, disposable and convey a certain savoir faire. Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be leaving your laptop behind. (Salon)

“[McClatchy CEO Gary] Pruitt is a joke,” in the Star Tribune newsroom, Britt Robson quotes an anonymous source as saying. (City Pages)

Max Boot: Blaming the press for the problems in Iraq deflects the blame from where it belongs. (Los Angeles Times)

Fifteen Star Tribune reporters look to the future of the paper. (City Pages)

Adi Ignatius: Overall, I’d give the relaunch a high passing mark. The paper lost some acreage but didn’t dumb down. And it’s generally easier to navigate. (Time)

A Pioneer Press veteran talks about St. Paul’s shrinking newsroom (City Pages)

The internet’s effect on newspaper advertising has been “overstated,” according to the Trinity Mirror chief executive, Sly Bailey. (Guardian)

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