WEDNESDAY’S LINKS: ‘Wash Post’ Buys Student’s Site, Chicago Ignores Conrad, Online Journos Work Harder?

By: E&P Staff

In today’s links, David Lazarus thinks newspapers should begin adopting a pay-to-play model, Sportsline’s Mike Freeman thinks that online journalists work harder than their print counterparts, and the Washington Post’s style section gets an online redesign.


Phil Rosenthal: Conrad Black’s trial isn’t such a big deal for Chicagoans (Chicago Tribune)

David Lazarus: It’s time for newspapers to stop giving away the store. We as an industry need to start charging for — or at the very least controlling — use of our products online. (SF Chronicle)

Jack Shafer: Libby prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald didn’t savage the First Amendment. (Slate)

Mark Glaser: Director Tom Rosenstiel gave me an overview of the PEJ, and how its mission has changed from running the Committee for Concerned Journalists , which helped train journalists, to beefing up the PEJ staff to do its own real-time analysis of journalism each week with the News Index online. (PBS/MediaShift)

Sportsline’s Mike Freeman: Online sportswrters work harder than their print counterparts. (The Big Lead)

The Washington Post buys a Web site started by a business school student. (Washington Business Journal)

Gal Beckerman: We talked with Scott Goldman, the president of SDN and the assistant managing editor of visuals at the Indianapolis Star, about what design adds to a newspaper and what the hell is wrong with American newspapers. (CJR Daily)

Michael Calderone: Writers for The Washington Post?s Style section — famed as a showcase for broadsheet-literary journalists — are taking video training to prepare for a coming Web redesign. (New York Observer)

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