Weekly Florida Newspaper Receives Bomb


(AP) An explosive device was left Tuesday in the mail drop box of a weekly newspaper, prompting authorities to evacuate the building and surrounding businesses, sheriff’s deputies said.

The bomb, which was in a plastic bag, was detonated in a yard behind The High Springs Herald‘s building by the sheriff’s bomb squad.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Keith Faulk declined to give specifics about the bomb but said it “had all the components to be a destructive device.”

Mark Fasano, a Herald staff writer, said the bomb was a PVC pipe capped at both ends and filled with gas. The device was wired to a timer that was connected to a lantern battery.

Ed Barber, the Herald‘s publisher, called Tuesday’s events “surrealistic, frightening, and infuriating.”

“We will continue to write and publish what we feel is needed to properly inform our readers,” Barber said in a statement

Pieces of the bomb have been sent to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for analysis. There are no suspects, Faulk said.

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