What Can Deep Listening Do for Journalism?

As journalists, we have all been guilty of switching off in interviews either because we are too preoccupied with our follow-up question or determined to get the golden soundbite.

It is also possible that we simply are not listening because of our agenda; we do not agree with the words coming out of interviewee’s mouth.

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One thought on “What Can Deep Listening Do for Journalism?

  • March 19, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    Here are a few interviews from the Apple Award-Winning Podcast – Deep Listening about journalists and how they listen. We interview other listening professionals including judges and hostage negotiators to name a few.

    Podcast Episode 041: Listen like a journalist with Jennifer Brandel
    Podcast Episode 029: Hillary Frey outlines the importance of listening without judgement, without a story or a headline in mind
    Podcast Episode 014: Broadcaster and Journalist Tracey Holmes explains how to listen across continents, cultures and context



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