What if Content Could Come to You Rather Than Making You Go to Content?

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What if you started a website and nobody came? So then what if you started a media business without a website?


When our next class of entrepreneurial journalism students arrives at CUNY, I will present them with that challenge and these opportunities: Why not start a new media enterprise entirely on Facebook? Why not build a news business that is meant to be distributed everywhere—via Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Apple News, aggregators, and all over—while keeping a website merely as an archive? Why not create a new kind of curator that takes advantage of all this free-flowing content and solves a real media problem today: that there is just too much content? And if you are an existing (old) media company, why not give up your dependence on getting readers to come to you and instead go to them; why not become radically distributed?


A few recent developments spark this speculative innovation.

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