What Would You Ask Jayson Blair?

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By: Greg Mitchell

On Monday morning, E&P is scheduled to interview Jayson Blair. If you are following the chronology, we will be getting him after “Dateline” and “The Today Show” and before “Larry King” and “Hardball.” We hear that Howard Kurtz is planning a big roll out on Sunday. Some newspapers will review the book that day, although The New York Times will not weigh in until March 14.

We’re aware that some people claim that no one in the profession he dishonored should give him the time of day or any more ink that could help sell his book. But we trust that we don’t have to worry about that with our particular audience, and our track record of being particularly hard on Blair speaks for itself.

Still, there is this problem: By Monday, what questions (after Katie and Howie and Matt) will there be left to ask? So we turn to you, our readers — or page viewers, as the case may be. Have you ever fantasized about being able to sit down with Blair and ask him one very pointed (or trick) question? Now’s your chance. We are asking you to send us via e-mail, by Sunday night, a question or questions you may have for Blair. Please skip the utterly obvious to avoid duplication.

We’ve already received a few good ones — ranging from “How many others like you are out there?” to “Would you raise your right hand and repeat after me …?” But we need many more. Please send your suggestions to gmitchell@editorandpublisher.com.

Also, please note whether we can use your name in association with the question or keep it hidden. Now, let’s hear from you!

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