Who’s Funding Women-Run Media?

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Shauna Stark, a former executive at Intel, doesn’t have fond memories of her career in Silicon Valley.


“It was the ’80s. It was an era—you’ve probably seen movies about this—when women were wearing little ties, and there was one woman at every table in every business and you were somewhat patronized,” says Stark, who is now 61. “Especially by the older men you were working with. I found a lot of the places I worked to be inhospitable to women, unwelcoming.”


Thirty years later, Stark, who still lives in Silicon Valley, doesn’t think much has changed for women in tech, aside for maybe those little neckties. That’s why, in June, when Katie Tandy, Kelley Calkins, and Nikki Gloudeman—all veteran writers who had worked together at Ravishly.com—approached her about investing in their plan to launch a digital publication aimed at supporting an array of women and minority voices, Stark didn’t hesitate to back them.

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